Going Skiing? You must get some Extreme Pro Merino Outdoor Pursuit Skiing Socks!

It's hard to find high quality socks for winter sports.

We all know that merino wool is great at keeping your feet warm while being breathable to keep you comfortable all day on the slopes, but it can be expensive and hard to find in the right size.

Solution: The Yorkshire Sock Company offers a range of premium merino wool socks perfect for skiing or snowboarding. Our Extreme Pro Merino outdoor pursuit socks are made from the finest wool with high merino content in excess of 70%, Designed and made in England and tested in the extreme conditions of Northern Scandinavia, which means they're not only top quality, but also ethically sourced, made locally and a champion of slow fashion.

Our best selling men's ski sock features a reinforced cushioned contrast sole so they'll last longer than your average pair of ski socks. If you want to look good while staying warm during winter sports then these are the perfect choice!