Welcome to The Yorkshire Sock Company!

Your socks are your foundation, Build your look on the best foundations. The Yorkshire Sock Company supply the finest luxury socks & accessories a tradition made here in Yorkshire for over 200 years. Quality Materials - Traditional Methods - Exclusive Designs.


Quality Materials

Our socks are made from the best in organic natural fibres. Whether you are hiking in the countryside, or relaxing from home, the Alpaca and Merino wool used in our socks is ideal for keeping your feet warm, comfortable, and yet breathable in any situation.

You can have fine socks made sustainable, eco friendly natural wool. The best house socks made from Alpaca, Walking socks from Merino or Blue Faced Leicester all manufactured from sustainable breathable natural fibres keeping your toes toasty and your feet more healthy.

Traditional Methods

The Yorkshire Sock Company manufactures all our socks in England, we are based in Yorkshire with over 200 years of experience in crafting the perfect socks. Our traditional methods of knitting using modern machinery ensure both the highest quality for your feet and sustainability for the environment.

Born in the foothills of the Yorkshire Dales, famous for its rolling hills, satanic mills, and sheep! (and the odd Pudding!) The Yorkshire Sock Company are Experts in the field of the finest woollen garments.

Our forefathers raised the sheep, toiled in the mills and laid the foundations that made Yorkshire the Wool capital of the world, this expertise passed down through generations to enable us to bring you high quality socks that will keep your feet healthy and warm like no other.


Exclusive Designs

Choose from a wide range of designs available only from The Yorkshire Sock Company. Available in a variety of colours, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect socks to match your look.

Everyone loves great quality and our gift boxes or sock subscriptions will bring a lasting smile to your loved ones like no other. Our three and six pair gift boxes make an ideal present