Women's Walking Socks

Our women's walking socks are made from high-quality merino wool, providing exceptional comfort and warmth on those long walks. With moisture-wicking properties, our walking socks keep your feet dry and blister-free. Available in a range of colours and lengths, our wool socks are perfect for any fashion-conscious walker. Whether you're hiking up a mountain or just taking a leisurely stroll, our women's walking socks are the perfect addition to your outfit.

Extreme Pro Merino Premium Outdoor Pursuits Socks


  • Red/Charcoal
  • Blue/Charcoal
  • Grey/Charcoal
  • Khaki/Charcoal
Hike Air Cushioned Walking Socks
Hike Air Cushioned Walking Socks

£28.00 £36.00

  • Blue/Charcoal
  • Green/Charcoal