Thick Wellington Boot Socks

Our boots socks are made from the finest British wool, providing warmth and comfort to your feet in colder weather. With a range of colours and styles available, you can find the perfect pair to match your outfit. These socks feature a cushioned footbed for added comfort and are perfect for outdoor activities. Whether you're hiking or just walking the dog, our boots socks will keep your feet warm and comfortable.

Most Common FAQ's

Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

What kind of socks to wear with hiking boots? +

When you go hiking, it’s important to choose the right pair of socks to protect your feet from discomfort and blisters. High-quality wool hiking socks are ideal. The socks in our collection are made from either merino or bluefaced leicester wool, and they have excellent wicking properties to keep your feet dry and fresh. We also have cushioned socks for extra protection, and we have both long and short boot socks.

How to wear socks with hiking boots? +

If you want to wear socks with hiking boots, it’s best to choose a pair of hiking socks. These are thicker than everyday socks, providing exceptional comfort on your feet. Hiking socks are normally chosen for their practical properties and their luxurious feel, but they come in a wide range of colours and patterns, so you can choose the pair that most suits your style.

How to wear boot socks with skinny jeans? +

If you love wearing skinny jeans with boots, you can wear a pair of thick boot socks too. In this case, our socks are usually worn for practical reasons rather than style. However, if you’re planning to take your boots off during the day, it’s good to be wearing a stylish pair of luxury boot socks underneath. Otherwise, just take your pick of high-quality boot socks and ensure your feet stay comfortable all day.

How to wear boot socks with jeans? +

Boot socks are perfect for wearing when you go walking in jeans. A good pair of boot socks along with a pair of boots will go well with jeans, especially skinny jeans or flared jeans. The walking socks don’t have to show, and you may want the main focus to be on your boots or jeans, but you can still wear them for comfort and odour control if nothing else.

How to wear boot socks with a dress? +

Boot socks are not just for walking, and they are very fashionable too. You can easily combine them with a dress, either short or long, perhaps with ankle-length boots. Simply choose your favourite pair of boot socks and wear them with any dress you want, making sure the colours and patterns combine well.

What are boot socks? +

Boot socks are high-quality socks that are designed to protect your feet and provide greater comfort when walking. You can choose long boot socks or short walking socks depending on your preferences. They are made from high-quality wool like merino wool or bluefaced leicester, and they have excellent wicking properties and insulation for greater comfort. You might even prefer cushioned anti-blister socks to protect your feet during long walks.

How to wear boot socks with ankle boots? +

Ankle boots are a stylish choice of footwear for many occasions, and you can easily pair them with high-quality boot socks. Boot socks are thick, warm and hard-wearing, and they are incredibly comfortable. Choose any pair of socks along with your ankle boots in the style you wish. You can wear socks that are longer and can be seen or shorter boot socks that are hidden away.