Thick Merino Wool Walking Socks

Made from the finest alpaca, merino and British wool, our thick walking socks are the perfect way to protect your feet while exploring the great outdoors. Choose from a selection of hiking socks including anti-blister socks for ultimate comfort on all your walks.

Most Common FAQ's

Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

What are the best socks for walking? +

Walking socks should be thick to protect against blisters. They should also be soft, warm and hard-wearing, and they might have a cushioned sole. They should be breathable and have moisture-wicking properties. Alpaca and merino wool are often used for their quality. Our walking socks have a high merino content and use a terry loop construction for even cushioning and hard-wearing.

What are the best hiking socks? +

The best hiking socks usually have a few characteristics. They are often made from high-quality wool like merino wool. They are also warm and thick, and they often have moisture-wicking properties. Hiking socks are usually hard-wearing and provide protection from blisters to keep your feet comfortable on longer walks.

Should you wear 2 pairs of socks when hiking? +

Some people like to wear two pairs of socks when they go hiking, but it’s not always necessary. The idea of this is that it helps to reduce friction, reducing the chances of blisters forming. But with a good pair of hiking socks, you should not need to wear two pairs. Moisture wicking socks made from high-quality merino wool wick the moisture away from your skin to keep your feet dry and warm.