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Most Common FAQs

Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Where to buy thick wool socks? +

You can buy thick wool socks in many places, and you will find many right here in our store. Our Alpaca Bed Socks for men and women are some of the thickest we provide. They are incredibly warm and comfortable, and they provide a luxurious feel. They are perfect for wearing in the winter. But we also have thick and comfortable Hiking Socks and Boot Socks with excellent insulating properties.

What temperature to wash wool socks? +

Wool socks should be washed at cold temperatures in the washing machine. Use the wool setting on your washing machine if you have one. If not, use the setting for delicates. If none of these are available, use a cold water wash for your merino socks. If washing by hand, you can use lukewarm water, but finish by rinsing the socks in cold water.

How to care for wool socks? +

Wool socks require care if you want to keep them in good condition and last longer. This means you should wash them with care. They can be washed in the washing machine on the wool setting or a cold water setting. Ideally, turn them inside out before you wash them and use a gentle detergent that is suitable for wool. Alternatively, you can hand wash merino wool socks with lukewarm water before rinsing them with cold water.

Why are wool socks better? +

Wool socks have many advantages over synthetic socks and cotton socks. They are odour resistant for a start, so they can often be worn for more than a day as long as they are aired out overnight. They also have insulating properties, even when wet, so they are warmer. Wool dries faster than cotton and has good moisture-wicking properties, which makes them good for walking too. They are also more durable, comfortable and sustainable.

How often should I wash wool socks? +

Most people wear a pair of socks for a day and then wash them, but you may have a pair of bed socks that you don’t need to wash every day or socks you only wear for a few hours indoors each day. When it comes to our merino wool socks, these have natural odour-fighting properties so they stay fresher than synthetic socks for longer. As a result, you might only want to wash them every few days.

How do you darn wool socks? +

You can fix holes or thin spots in the socks, both for merino and alpaca socks, by darning them. To do this, you will need a darning egg and a yarn that matches your sock. Simply turn the sock inside out and place it over the darning egg, then thread the needle and stitch over the hole. Keep going until you create a patch. When finished, clip the yarn and turn the sock back the right way.

How to clean wool socks? +

Wool socks and merino socks are very easy to clean. You can wash them in the washing machine by choosing the wool setting. If you don’t have a wool setting, use the delicates setting or just use a cold wash. Turn the socks inside out and put them through the wash using a gentle detergent suitable for wool. Alternatively, you can wash them by hand in lukewarm water.

How to hand wash wool socks? +

To wash your wool or merino socks by hand, turn the socks inside out and place them into a sink or bucket of lukewarm water, and leave them to soak for 10 minutes. Use a detergent that is very gentle and suitable for wool, and wash them gently. After 10 minutes, rinse them in lukewarm water then cool water, and leave them to dry.

How much wool needed for socks? +

The amount of wool you need to make a pair of socks depends on the size of the socks you want to make. However, as a general rule, you should be able to use a 100g skein to make an average size pair of socks. If you want to make larger or longer socks, you may need two skeins.

What are smart wool socks? +

Smart wool socks, or smartwool socks, are made from a type of high-quality wool, and they are very soft and luxurious. We think our socks are hard to beat for quality, and many people searching for smartwool socks find that our merino wool socks easily match them for softness, comfort and sustainability.

How to soften wool socks? +

Our merino wool socks are incredibly soft. But if you have other wool socks that are a bit scratchy, you can soften them using vinegar. Simply put your socks through the rinse cycle in your washing machine, but add a couple of cups of white distilled vinegar first. Alternatively, turn the socks inside out and soak them in cold water and vinegar.

How to fix holes in wool socks? +

If your merino wool socks develop holes over time, you may want to fix the holes and continue wearing them. Try to catch the hole while it is small to reduce the amount of fixing required. Simply get a darning egg, place it inside the sock and stretch the hole area around it, then use a needle and thread to stitch it back together.

How to shrink wool socks? +

If your wool socks are too large and you want short socks, you may want to shrink them slightly. One simple way to do this is to use a hot wash. Wool shrinks in hot water, so give them a wash and see whether they are now the right size.

How many days can you wear wool socks? +

High-quality wool socks can often be worn for more than one day because they have excellent odour-neutralising properties, while socks made from other materials need to be changed more frequently. You can often wear a pair of wool socks for two days or even more. Just take them off when you go to bed, unless they are bed socks and leave them to air out overnight.

How to fix shrunken wool socks? +

Add a small amount of hair conditioner to a sink of warm water and leave your socks to soak. Rinse the socks out, then squeeze the water out gently without wringing the socks. Press the socks inside a towel to soak up the remaining water, and stretch out the socks to the right size and reshape them as they dry.

How are wool socks made? +

Wool socks are all different, and just because they are made from wool, the quality can vary considerably. Our wool socks are made from yarn that is first spun and then dyed using traditional techniques in Yorkshire mills. We use natural, sustainable fibres, and we use traditional knitting methods to produce high-quality merino wool socks.

What is the warmest wool for socks? +

Merino wool is very warm and comfortable, which is why we use it in many of our socks. However, alpaca wool is even warmer, and it’s for that reason that we use alpaca wool in our thick winter socks. This is partly due to alpaca wool fibres being semi-hollow, providing even more insulation. But we don’t think you’ll be disappointed with any of our socks when it comes to warmth.

What percentage wool should socks be? +

In short, the more wool, the better. For example, our Alpaca Bed Socks are 90% alpaca wool and just 10% nylon. Some of our Everyday Merino Socks are 63% merino wool while others, like our Men’s Trainer Socks, are 80% merino wool. As a general rule, look for high percentages of wool when choosing your socks. But remember that there are many other factors involved in the overall quality and feel of socks, like the techniques used to make them.

What are the best wool socks? +

In general, it depends on the type of wool used, the quality of the wool and how the socks are made. We recommend using wool socks made from high-quality merino, alpaca or bluefaced leicester wool. There is more to it than the type of wool used, but this is an important factor. We also recommend socks that are made to high standards using traditional techniques.

How long does it take wool socks to decompose? +

If you are worried about the environmental impact of our socks, especially seeing as socks are rarely given away or donated, rest assured that our socks will fully decompose over time. In fact, it only takes between one and five years for merino wool socks to decompose on average.

How long do wool socks last? +

For our premium-quality wool socks, you can expect them to last several years, compared to cheap generic wool socks that you may use just a few times before they start to show signs of wear. Even if you care for your merino wool socks properly, eventually they will wear out, but not before you’ve got many years of use out of them.

What are the warmest wool socks? +

If you want to keep your feet warm during the day or through the night, a pair of warm wool socks is ideal. The warmest socks are usually thick socks, but it also comes down to the quality of the wool. For example, alpaca and merino wool are often used for warm socks because they are soft and of a higher quality than many other wool socks.


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