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Why Wool Socks Are Better Than Cotton.


 Here at The Yorkshire Sock Company we think it’s important that we pay more attention to the condition of our feet. After all, they do a lot of work, yet they are often overlooked in our self-care routine.

Our feet enable us to go places, ride a bike, and drive our car. Often, we focus only on wearing the proper footwear, but if we wear the wrong socks, it can be just as bad to our feet as an ill-fitting pair of Shoes. 

Experts recommend that we choose socks made of organic materials such as cotton or wool. But cotton isn’t always the best choice. If you’re still wearing cotton socks, here are some good reasons to replace them with high quality wool socks.




5 Reasons Wool Socks Are Better Than Cotton

Wool Socks Keep You Warm - during colder weather, wool socks will keep you warmer longer. Wool is simply better than cotton in terms of heat insulation. It retains your body heat longer, so you will feel warmer. High-quality wool fibres trap air better than cotton and wool socks won’t lose their thermal insulation abilities when wet.

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Wool is Eco Friendly and Sustainable - Wool is naturally 100% ecological. Our Farmers Sheep are typically shorn once or twice a year – then they automatically grow a new fleece. British wool when spun and woven makes a fabric that doesn’t have to be washed as frequently as others, this also has a positive impact on the environment.   

Wool Socks Don’t Stink - wool socks are odour-resistant, breathable and antimicrobial, even in a damp outdoor environment. Wool fibres are organic, they are a less ideal habitat for the growth of bacteria. On the contrary, bacteria can easily thrive in dirty and damp cotton socks. While camping and hiking, you can wear wool socks longer, before replacing them with fresh ones. 

Wool Socks Are Easy To Wash - you can wash wool socks by hand with hot water, and they won’t shrink. And because wool fibres don’t absorb water, they typically dry quickly.

Wool Socks Are Durable - it is possible to bend and stretch wool fibres up to 20,000 times before they change their shape. In comparison, most cotton socks sag after just 2,000 stretches. Though wool socks are more expensive, their lifespan is much longer.

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Our socks are suitable for every season and every room of the house. Check out our woollen bed socks collection for cold winter days or our sports socks for summertime.

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