Luxury Alpaca Dress Socks - 6 Pair Gift Box

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    6 Pairs of our Luxury Alpaca Dress Socks presented in a giftbox

    A gift that will bring a smile to your loved ones face everytime they pull on a beautiful pair of these super soft breathable wool socks.

    These are no ordinary socks, expertly made in our traditional mills steeped in history and expertise passed from generation to generation. They are made from sustainable natural fibres, fleeces lovingly reared and sheared on the hills and dales, nurtured by shepherds and shepherdesses, to create a warm yet breathable garment that will give joy time and time again.

    6 Pairs are Included in this box;

    Burnt Orange

    Once you try these socks you will never want to wear another cheap import from a high street shop again, they are that good.

    Proudly made in Great Britain by our Factory with 100 years of sock producing experience

    Designed and manufactured in the UK these Alpaca Dress Socks are for everyday wear by both men and women.  Alpaca fibre provides excellent insulation and wicking properties, keeping your feet warm and dry. 

    Our Luxury Alpaca Wool socks with 82% Alpaca Wool are the height of luxury, Soft, Warm and hard wearing natural fibres combined with technical fibres to ensure a good fit.

    Our Sustainable Alpaca wool socks have fantastic natural properties being soft and luxurious, famous for having great thermal qualities by helping to regulate your body temperature, keeping you fresh and cool in the summer, and dry and warm in the winter perfect for weekend strolls and daily commutes keeping your feet healthy and warm while being breathable so less pongy.

    These socks are designed for everyday wear by men and women. These are ankle length socks with a ribbed cuff.  The nylon content provides enough stretch to give a good fit. Alpaca fibre has excellent insulating and wicking properties making it an ideal fibre from which to make socks.

    There are three unisex sizes, small (shoe size 4-7), medium (8-10) and large (11-13).

    Composition: 82% Alpaca / 18% Nylon.

    Care Information
    Our natural fibre, unisex socks are kinder to your feet than synthetic alternatives, but this means they need a gentle wash. We recommend our alpaca and wool socks are gently hand washed in tepid water and rinsed and wrung out by hand (a vigorous machine wash or spin with too much detergent may result in shrinkage).

    Leave to dry naturally and do not put in a tumble dryer.

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